Valuation Services

The Valuation Service of the company caters for all classes and kind of vehicles…

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Engineering Consultancy Services

ISTC provides consultancy services in the areas of fleet management, training and…

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Driver Training School

The Training School is accredited by DVLA and offers short courses in defensive driving…

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International Operations

The company’s stations are also located across international borders and countries…

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Domestic Operations

The company’s stations are located in the regional capitals and cities of Ghan…

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Package / Parcel Express

The Package Express targets all corporate bodies that require rapid delivery of large,…

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Bus Services and hiring

Intercity STC coaches limited has both domestic and international bus services to…

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Park and Ride Facility

Park and Ride facilities also exist at all our terminals across the country for customers…

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Students Transport Services

School transport has been one of the core corporate functions. We offered bus services…

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