About Us

The roots and origin of Intercity STC (ISTC) began in 1909 as a Government Transport Department to cater for the needs of the central Government. In 1965, it was made a body corporated by Legislative Instrument…

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Bus Schedules

Intercity STC has both domestic and international bus services to various cities in Ghana and some West African cities such as Abidjan, Cotonou Etc. Our stations are located in the regional capitals and cities of Ghana

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Invitation For Tenders

Procurement (Finance and Supply) Of One Hundred (100 No.) Intercity Coaches Buses for the Intercity STC International Competitive Tendering.

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Vehicle Valuation

The company caters for all classes and kind of vehicles that need an accurate assessment of conditions, value and suitability of the vehicle for an intended purpose. This service is well patronized by institutions whose reports on vehicles, plants and equipment’s are recognized as valid, authentic and acceptable for all transactions in the country.

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Driver Training School

The Training School is accredited by DVLA and offers short courses in defensive driving for heavy vehicle drivers, supervisors and transport managers. The School aims at championing governments call for discipline on our roads and its resultant reduction in road carnage to its barest minimum and eventually ensuring road safety. 

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Parcel & Package Service

The Package / Parcel Express targets all corporate bodies that require rapid delivery of large, medium and small parcels to destinations in and around the company’s service stations. This includes major courier companies, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, financial institutions, security services, 

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Our Services

Valuation Services

The Valuation Service of the company caters for all classes and…

Engineering Consultancy Services

ISTC provides consultancy services in the areas of fleet management,…

Driver Training School

The Training School is accredited by DVLA and offers short courses…

International Operations

The company’s stations are also located across international…

Domestic Operations

The company’s stations are located in the regional capitals…

Package / Parcel Express

The Package Express targets all corporate bodies that require…

Bus Services and hiring

Intercity STC coaches limited has both domestic and international…

Park and Ride Facility

Park and Ride facilities also exist at all our terminals across…

Students Transport Services

School transport has been one of the core corporate functions.…


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to locate our bus terminals?

You can locate our terminals at Circle opposite the Awudome Cemetery, at Tema Community Centre and at Tudu in Accra opposite the Kimbu secondary school.

How do i trace my lost luggage?

Simply provide your travel ticket to our help desk at our terminals with details on your trip and we will help you locate your lost luggages.

How do i make ticket reservation using the Mobile Money

Kindly call our tickets Accra Office on 0557943605 / 0557943606 or tickets Kumasi Office on 0557943607 and the tickets sales teller would help you through the process

How do i cancel my online tickets.

To cancel a ticket, call our customer care lines or just return the tickets to our terminal points